State Management

To Plan for Our Future We Need the Knowledge of Our Present Given Context by Our Past

State Management is a powerful knowledge-based configuration management solution that delivers both real-time and historical insight into the availability and the usage of your environment. The availability of every system, the state of every user session, the active processes and the changes associated are all combined to give unparalleled insight into the operation of your business.

With State Management, planning is more effective and the ability to react correctly dramatically improved. State Management steps beyond just Knowledge into Control so that Configuration Management is enabled even as far as controlling when your systems are available online.



How Does It Work?

State Management operates either Stand-Alone or in conjunction with your existing Ivanti Systems & Security or Microsoft SCCM solutions. Real-time detection of system state is fed back to build a clear picture of your environment at any point in time both present and past.

As a knowledge-based system, our presence across your estate enables control over system availability either independently or as a mechanism to enhance the reach and the success rates of your existing management solutions.

Who Does It Aid?

Axensia’s multi-tiered approach enables State Management to benefit everyone including (but not limited to):

First Level Service Operators
System Administrators
License Managers