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Simplifying & Accelerating Important Approvals 

ENgage! provides a way of reaching your approvers wherever they are, avoiding unnecessary delays caused by ‘Email Inbox Overload’.

A one step approval capability from within the message removes the need to access other interfaces and makes it easier to act than to ‘put it off’ until later. 


Auditable & Actionable Messaging

ENgage! provides instant contact with your team to ensure rapid response to meet tight service levels. 

Close the ‘window of plausible deniability’ that exists with email and text with a fully audited end to end process with built in escalation. 

Customer Sentiment

ENgage! provides the ability to create surveys on any user device so you can get company wide results quickly. Visually pleasing and easy to use messages encourage user response. 

Integrate your responses into Service Management solutions without the need for complex and hard to maintain email coding. 

Time-Sensitive Communications for all Departments

ENgage! provides communications that range from life threatening situations to welcoming a new employee or just to know when sandwiches arrive! 

When the message absolutely needs to get there to be useful there’s a communication system that is not just for IT.

Proactive Communications to Service Subscribers

ENgage! provides proactive communications with your entire team and customers during a major incident. Promptly construct and send critical information messages to any user whatever device they are using. 

Improve the perception of your Company by getting the right information to the right people at the right time.