Alert User Community, Assure Response and Accelerate Resolution

Axensia ENgage! streamlines the way businesses communicate during major incidents or outages acknowledging and resolving issues faster while reducing their impact on operations.

Receive a response in minutes versus hours.

Keep the console you already know how to use. 


Whatever the time wherever they are notify your team.

Keep people in the know with triggered alerts.


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Inform Subscribers on any device

With our ENgage! Desktop and Mobile apps you can inform your end users on any device they are currently logged into.

Benefiting the Whole Enterprise

In addition to IT, ENgage! enables other parts of the company to be informed including Facilities, HR, Sales and Finance.

Integration with Open API

ENgage! is built with the ability to extend the alerting of your API based infrastructure tools to allow for round trip communications.

ENgage! your mobile users with our powerful closed loop notification system.